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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 28, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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wait before unleashing military action against libya. and a new tool for bay area homeowners to determine in their -- if their property is prone to landslides. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening . it's monday, march 28th. i'm gasia mikaelian and this is bay area news at 7:00. he's been criticized from both sides of the aisle so late today president obama delivered a nationally televised speech to make his case for military intervention in libya. nick nick -- nicole collins live in washington, d.c. where that speech wrapped up about two hours ago. >> reporter: those critics and some of the president's supporters are obviously here in washington providing feedback on what they thought about the president's speech
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tonight and not surprisingly, he's getting some mixed reviews. from the national defense university in washington, president obama addressed the nation monday night to clarify the purpose of the u.s. mission in libya. >> i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. when our interests and values are at stake, we have a responsibility to act. that's what's happened in libya. >> reporter: the explanation comes more than a week after the u.s. military and a coalition of allies began military action to enforce the united nations backed no fly zone in the civil war torn country. president obama explained actions the united states has taken to protect the libyan people from the brutality of moammar gadhafi and u.s. policy going forward as nato takes control of the mission. >> we will deny the regime arms, cut off its supplies of cash, assist the opposition and work with other nations to
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hasten the day when gadhafi leaves power. >> reporter: both republicans and democrats have criticized the president's policy questioning the purpose, cost and possible consequences. the ranking republican on the senate armed services committee praised the president's remarks but said he didn't go far enough when he told the world the u.s. would not use force to remove gadhafi. >> to say we are not going -- regime change is not going to take place by force, i certainly can't agree with. he's a danger to the world. >> reporter: republican house speaker john boehner issued a statement saying the president's speech was helpful but that it failed to provide much clarity on u.s. policy in libya. reporting live from washington, i'm nicole collins. >> and you can find a link to more coverage of the conflict in libya at our home page, just click the "u.s. and world news" tab at the israeli government paulality -- palo alto's facebook to remove the page.
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the page has more than 340,000 fans. the israeli cabinet minister sent a letter to facebook founder mark zuckerberg saying it insights violence. the page calls for an uprising on may 15th and includes calls to kill jews and liberate jeffers limb -- jerusalem. another san francisco manhole blew it's top today in the busy union square shopping district. people in that area reported hearing a loud boom that shook windows and sent a heavy metal cover 15 feet into the air. no one was hurt. paigepg&e says -- >> when there's a pressure buildup, it causes the manhole cover to come off. >> a pedestrian was burned in another underground explosion at union square in june of 2009. pg&e says it has replaced about 100 of the city's 1000 manhole
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covers with newer ones that allow pressure to vent. new at 7:00, imprisoned for 20 years, a bay area man is set free. he went to prison for a crime he says he did not commit. our janine de la vega -- january nah -- jana is live in san francisco. >> reporter: we shared the moment with them when he walked out of that building this afternoon. after more than two decades in prison, 43-year-old maurice caldwell walked out of the san francisco county jail at 5:00 p.m. today a free man. his sister deborah was there to greet him with hugs and tears of relief along with friends, his attorneys and supporters. for caldwell it was hard to find words. >> right now i'm still overwhelmed. i'm blessed to be free. >> reporter: he was convicted of 2nd-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a man named judy acosta on june 30th, 1990. >> it's been a long journey. all these years i knew my
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brother was innocent. >> reporter: caldwell and his family finally got support from the northern california innocence project. >> there's only one eyewitness, there were clear problems in her testimony. >> reporter: caldwell's attorney says they argued in court that caldwell's original defense had been inadequate and got the conviction overturned. she also says a nevada prison inmate confessed to the crime and they found other witnesses. one friend says he's proud of caldwell's persistence. >> the squeaky wheel gets the greece and he kept going and going. >> reporter: tonight caldwell says his heart goes out to the victim's family. >> i feel bad. after all these year they thought they had justice but it wasn't. it was unserved justice and still unserved justice. >> reporter: tonight the district attorney's office told me that they did want to proceed to a retrial but the key witness has already passed away and the court has destroyed some of the evidence that they needed. so they are not able to do that. they are considering an appeal. as for maurice caldwell, he says he wants to move on.
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reporting live from san francisco, jana casiama, ktvu news. a jury returned guilty verdicts today on five counts. 18-year-old anthony youshock was -- the jury returns tomorrow, it deadlocked on two counts. the judge is going to allow the jury to hear attorneys present additional arguments. after 2 1/2 days of deliberation an alameda county jury today convicted a professional poker player of murdering his parents. he beat and stabbed his parent at their pleasnaton -- parents at their pleasnaton home. san francisco beaches are back open tonight after being closed for several days when high levels of bacteria were detected in the water. water managers say last thursday's storm sent runoff pouring into waste water treatment plants. as a result partially treated water was discharged and
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warning signs were posted at ocean beach but according to the city's water quality hotline, samples taken at ocean beach, baker beach, china beach and aquatic park as well as candlestick point all show bacteria is not at dangerous levels. many businesses in capitola village are closed for business tonight after being hit by floodwaters last thursday then again on saturday. in fact some of those business owners say they may close for good. a not to of -- a torrent of water flowed through damage causing damage when a broken drainage pipe couldn't handle runoff. capitola city workers are going door to door asking business owners what type of help they need. >> financial help for the loss that we have taken. we had insurance for flood but not this type of a flood. not millions of dollars. >> repairs are being made to that damaged culvert. city leaders say they are also working on a long-term solution. elsewhere in santa cruz county construction crews worked on building an access road. the temporary road is expected
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to be finished by the end of the week, crews have not begun clearing the rock slide because of concerns that the earth is saturated and unstable. public works official told us today the recent storms caused an estimated five to $10 million in damage countywide. san pablo city official says it's too early to know the cost of how much it will cost to shore up landslide. heavy rain loosened the ground, fall -- that fall away and above the homes. an employee also met with residents after the utility turned off their water. san pablo city leaders have declared a local emergency. these recent slides may leave homeowners if their property is susceptible. coming up in 10 minutes a newly released map that could provide answers. federal investigators are now helping vacaville police try to determine who planted an explosive device in a sunday newspaper. it went off yesterday when a man picked up the newspaper. the explosion left a crater in the front lawn of his home on
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castle circle. investigators are looking for a motive and have not yet determined if the victim was the intended target. neighbors are worried the bomber could strike again. >> police are still doing their investigation. you know, i can't say that this gentleman was targeted, but at the same time we can't say that it was random either. >> was it random, was it targeted? it makes us even that much more nervous. >> authorities have not yet released information about the victim's identity or his condition. condolences are coming in tonight for marin county supervisor charles mclasher who died yesterday of an apparent heart attack. he was on a ski trip when he died. he had served to the marin county board of supervisors since 2005. he was 49 years old. san francisco muni riders are calling for changes to improve the quality of their commute. members of the group save muni held a press conference to demand the elimination of so- called swimbacks --
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switchbacks. that's when muni operators empty vehicles early then turn them around in order to keep to a schedule. other commuters says the troubled j church line needs to improve its performance. they want the subway project scrapped. the advocates say the money can be used for more important muni products. san francisco temporarily lost another of its famous cable car lines. the california street line is already down to repairs until mid-june. now this week crews are working on the powell mason line. muni has assigned buses to cover that route. this week tourists will only be able to catch a cable car on the sole remaining line. mason service expected to resume on saturday. our ktvu cameras received an exclusive look today inside the caldecott tunnel construction project. six days a week around the clock construction crews are drilling into a mountain of rocks, stone and earth. work crews say the excavation
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process was very delicate as they look for poisonous and explosive gases. it's a $420 million project. it is set to be finished in the fall of 2013. damming testimony from the man who he says he was ordered to shoot and kill an oakland journalist. the details motive he provided jurors today. the situation could be worse than feared at the trouble at that sheet metal -- at the troubled nuclear power plant. more on the big warmup expected this week coming up.
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police say a dump truck lost its brakes and careened off a roadway off the shallow
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water of reu6r7d son bay -- richardson bay. the truck flipped on its side before coming to a stop. the wreck was pulled from the water about 12:30. tonight the infamous s curve on the bay binge is being -- bridge is being called one of the best construction projects of 2010. that's according to the associated general contractors of america. it's giving the s curve its build america merit award. the group says the construction job was well done, even if it's not appreciated. critics blame the s curve for several serious accidents including a fatal crash in which a truck driver plunged over the side. there was chilling testimony today from the confessed killer of journalist chauncey bailey as the trial of yusuf beyiv. >> reporter: in an alameda county courtroom today key witness devaughndre broussard calmly testified that the leader gave broussard a gun and
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told them to kill chauncey bailey, to take him out before he completes his article. in his second day on the witness stand, he told the jury that the leader referred to chauncey bailey as quote that blank who killed my father. bey the 4th was referring to unflattering articles that bailey had written about the bakery. earlier today broussard testified that a month before shooting bailey, bey ordered him to whack the father of the man convicted of killing bey's brother. he said bey told him to get the opportunity to kill him but when broussard couldn't locate the father, bey told him to focus on another relative, owe dell -- odell roberson. bey said take him out when he get the chance because it seems like we can't get his pops. on the stand, broussard laughed as he described shooting
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roberson. yusef bey is charged with ordering the murders of two men. broussard's testimony is crucial for the prosecution but the defense has called broussard a liar. testimony ended for the day before broussard described actually killing chauncey bailey. that is expected to come tomorrow. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay in san francisco, barry bonds and his former mistress saw each other for the first time in eight years in court. kimberly bell took the trial telling the court she noticed physical and behavioral changes in bonds. the prosecution witnesses say are consistent with destroyed use including hair loss, back acne and erectile dysfunction. during the cross-examination she says she benefited financially from her relationship and she was hurt when bonds married another woman. police arrested a man they say broke into a san francisco preschool and church. we first showed you this surveillance video last monday. the same day police say 45-year- old chris hartley ransacked the
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offices of the lakeside presbyterian church and its child care center. hartley is charged with burglary, traffic violations and violating parole. federal budget negotiations in washington broke down today with 12 days left to avoid a government shutdown. senate majority leader harry reid says he is disappointed with the lack of progress. he says it is preventing congress from reaching an agreement. the two side far a-- sides far apart. house republicans want to cut $61 billion in spending while senate democrats want 20 billion. san jose's ebay today took a big step in expanding its presence in global internet commerce. it announced the purchase of gsi commerce in a deal valued at about 2 1/2 billion dollars. gsi is based in pennsylvania. it operates websites and interactive marketing services for close to 200 retailers including companies such as toys "r" us. it also provides packing and
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shipping services. new signs of economic recovery had the markets trading positive for most of the session but the gains evaporated by the end of the day. dow closed lower by 22 points, nasdaq dropped by 12. crisis in japan, traces of plutonium have now been found in the soil outside the crippled pharmaceutical zoom -- fukushima nuclear plant. new pools of radioactive water leaking from that complex and radioactive iodine has been found offshore at a level 1100 times more than normal. the recent round of storms here at home result in numerous landslides across the area. today we got a look at a new map that found the hot spots and found out what puts home at risk. >> reporter: before construction began this multimillion-dollar home strict building codes required a soil engineer to evaluate the property. >> they came in here and analyzed this whole lot and gave their recommendations to the builder on how to make the foundations.
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>> reporter: the builder says slide concerns require crews move huge chunks of land. more people threatened by landslides each year because of hillside developments. >> there are a lot of places in california where we have relatively weak rocks and steep slopes and those places are prone to landslides. >> reporter: as a california geological survey office in menlo park, scientists showed us which bay area locations are most susceptible to landslides. the areas run from southern marin county there parts of contra costa and down to the eastern and southwest hills of santa clara county. this map shows the santa teresa area of south san jose, south of the expressway is full of yellow and orange markings where slides have occurred. this is what the area looks like today, the most problematic hills are undeveloped but you have homes dotting the hillside below and in this hot spot you have homes built right into the hillside. >> it's ironic that some of the
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best looking home sites in mountainous areas tend to be on landslides and people don't recognize them until long after they have built the homes. >> reporter: in some cases that great view comes with a risk. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. we are days away from the official start of the baseball season but tonight is opening night for the bay bridge series between the testedding -- defending world champs san francisco giants and the oakland as. they took the field a couple minutes ago and the as are batting in the 1st inning. game 2 of the bay bridge series is tomorrow night at the oakland col see yum -- coliseum. starting this week it's going to get a little easier to go hawaiian from the bay area. why grass skirts were out in force today at one local airport. from too much rain to records. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us which day this week we could set new highs. and if there's no tv nearby, just watch bay area seven on your computer. we are streaming live on the
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looking a little more like a luau, the spirit of aloha
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descended on oakland. it celebrated the district flight linking oakland to hawaii. it's all part of alaska airline resex expansion of service -- airline recent expansion of service. hawaii is nice, but with the weather we had in the bay area, meteorologist rosemary orozco, i don't think anybody wanted to leave. >> this is a great week to stick around. we are looking at great weather. pleasant today, pleasant again tomorrow and then perhaps even breaking a few records come midweek wednesday and thursday. giving you a look at what is happening outside our door, so partly cloudy skies, we are cooling off into the 50s right now, redwood city checking in about 57 as we slide into areas right around san francisco and oakland, mid-50s, 54 san francisco, and areas to the north, 56 napa, 58 degrees right now in santa rosa, breezy at times today. the winds beginning to die down but you can see still quite windy in and around san francisco. westerly winds to about 20 miles per hour, 10 oakland and
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nine for concord. i'm going to back it up a little bit because not everybody dealing with the pleasant weather just yet. to the north of us, we continue with that storm track and while a ridge of high pressure is building in through our area, we will continue to see a few clouds from this system here. i'm going to roll you through and show you that by tomorrow morning, perhaps a few partly cloudy, mostly cloudy skies in and out of the area for the day. this rain is going to stay to the north of us but what we may see is a few clouds from this. in any case, ridge of high pressure continues to build in and our temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be warmer than what we saw for today. also expected tomorrow morning back again, the valley fog, it should burn off fairly quickly, dry and mild for the afternoon and the big warmup expected midweek with this ridge of high pressure continuing to build in. taking a look at your overnight lows, very similar to yesterday -- or i should say this morning, 41 santa rosa, 49 san francisco and the overnight hours and tomorrow morning 47 degrees expected mountain view. widespread 60s in the forecast, right about average for this time of year. 66 santa rosa in the afternoon,
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67 for hayward, we are looking at mid-60s for fremont and 66 degrees for mountain view, 68 in morgan hill. now here comes the warmup here. so tomorrow going to be a nice day, we could be in between partly and mostly cloudy skies at times but still no complaints. wednesday into thursday, mid, upper 70s, even areas like santa rosa, napa could see 80 degrees or so on thursday. looks to be the warmest day. come friday, still nice, temperatures start to dip a little bit but don't take these nice, warm conditions for granted because by the weekend the cool cloudy weather is expected back, low 60s on saturday, 62 degrees in the forecast for your sunday. >> thank you. part of san francisco's gary boulevard is getting an upgrade. crews started retrofitting an underpass today with 350 new lights. the project is part of the city's effort to be more energy efficient. the new lights estimated to save more than 260,000-kilowatt hours a year. the work will continue for about three weeks.
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that's our report for tonight. i'm gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues online at and with tonight's 10:00 news over on ktvu channel 2.
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